Don’t understand Net Neutrality, and why its important?

Check this out- it explains in metaphor how the Net neutrality.


Etsy versus Ebay- Article comparing the two

etsyvsebayEver wondered if you should sell your items via the craft based site, Etsy, or the auction site, Ebay?

I found this article, Selling Handmade: Etsy vs Ebay. The author compares Etsy versus Ebay, and even provides a handy chart so you can make the best choice when selling items. I’m glad they also include the pros and cons of each. I didn’t know Etsy offered digital downloads.


A quick email scam alert: FedEx

I wanted to share with you a scam I received in my email. I catch them pretty quick with a little trick I learned.

If you take note of this email, you can see they generously provided a button in which I can print out a shipping label.


Take note of the email address. It says its from FedEx, but the email itself is ‘’. This is the first clue.

When I hover my mouse cursor over the ‘get shipment label’ link, my ‘status bar’ (located at the bottom left of my Chrome window) shows the link doesn’t take me to FedEx at all but somewhere called in Austrailia. This doesn’t mean a scam artist is even at this place of business, but that its hacked into their account.

Fortunately, my gmail caught this and sent it to my SPAM folder.

Want to activate your ‘status bar’? Click here. The page gives instructions on how to turn it on in various browsers.

Link for Students-


Student might find this site helpful- provides promotions and sales with students in mind. You can find textbooks, dorm stuff, technology, and more.

This site can save time and money because you search for items, then the site searches for the deals based on that search.

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Local Event: Fall Fest in Hagerstown City Park

This is a local event in Hagerstown City Park, mixing art appreciation with the season. Check out the video.


The USB Hub- an under rated tool

017When I mention a USB hub to my clients, I often get blank stares, or an expression of intrigue. “What a USB hub?” I’m asked.

A USB hug is that little do-hicky you see in the photo, connected to my tablet- it includes four USB ports so I can plug in things like printers, keyboards, computer mice, cameras, my iPhone charger, and any other USB plug.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus which is the industry standard for many computer peripherals. You find them on printers, cameras, phone chargers, flash drives and tons of other technology stuff.

The hub enables you to plug in MORE USB stuff on a single USB port. For instance, my tablet has only one port. This would make it otherwise impossible to have a wireless keyboard and mouse plugged in at the same time. This hub, like magic, lets me plug in up to four devices.

Hubs come in many shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they also include even more ports. You can find 4, 8, and even 10 port hubs. You can also ‘daisy chain’ hubs, so you can add up to 127 devices on a single port. Your only drawback would be powering that many devices. But still….that’s impressive, right?

They are also cheap. Mine cost around $5 at an office store. Even the 10 port hub you see in the graphic costs around $24. (click image to buy if interested).

USB plugs look like flat, rectangle shaped plugs. The other end looks different depending on its function such as iPhone cords or printers look very different.


The port looks similar to where you’d stick in the memory card of a camera, but fits the cord. It also bears the USB symbol (seen on the plug above photo). My laptop has two ports here;


If you want to learn more, or need help with your computer, you can contact me via my web site,

For Local Business Start Ups is a small business owner’s friend and helper. Not only do they offer workshops (for free), they also provide mentoring on a number of aspects such as marketing or startups.

I’ve attended the monthly meetings with various topics being discussed, and highly recommend this helpful group. They also have free templates and tools via their site. You will need to register to attend.

They have an upcoming small business workshop for start ups, which is free. Check it out here.

iPhone Productivity Hacks, from YouTube (Video)