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Top Ten Windows 8 Tips

Windows 8 can take some getting used to when you’re only family with previous versions of the Personal Computer (PC) system. So here are my top ten tips:

  1. start_keyboard_windows_keyRemember to use the Windows key on the keyboard. This key, by itself, switches you between the Desktop and the Charms menus. If you use the windows key with other keys, you can do some neat things; WinLogo + C will open the side bar menu, where you will find settings and search. WinLogo + X opens the Windows 8 ‘start menu’ (such as it is). WinLogo + I opens Settings. WinLogo + W opens the Search function. WinLogo + R opens the RUN or Open window.
  2. To change the Charms menu (charms are those blocky icons), right-click the mouse on any charm app, and it will highlight. You can then see a popup menu to select ‘resize’ or ‘unpin’. You can also click and drag to another spot. If you select ‘unpin’, this doesn’t delete the program but removes it from the Charm screen.
  3. Resize the Charms screen to see all charms. If you have a touch screen, by ‘squeezing’ the Charms screen. Using two fingers, spread apart the fingers to enlarge and squeeze together to make small. Use the Ctrl button and the mouse scroll button for the same effect.
  4. How to close apps/programs. This is tricky in Windows 8 because the Title bar, although its there, you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen in order to find it. Otherwise, you click near the top of the screen, ‘grab’ with the mouse and drag to the bottom of the screen. ALT + F4 also shuts down apps and windows.
  5. Start in Safe Mode.(for repair, maintenance, etc) Although most people don’t use this, I feel its important to mention due to Safe Mode’s function to help remove issues and to use the computer without drivers and certain programs. It used to be clicking the F8 key on start, but Windows 8 needs SHIFT + F8 to reach Safe Mode.
  6. Windows 8 has ‘hot corners’. The hot corners bring up menus, such as right-click the LEFT hand corner opens the power user menu. Top LEFT corner opens displays apps running.
  7. Disable the Lock Screen. Some people hate this lock screen, since its an extra screen to click through. To disable, type netplwhiz into the start screen. It will automatically search and list this function.  With the window that opens, uncheck ‘Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer’. You’ll be prompted to enter your password. If you want the lock screen, do this again, but check the box.
  8. To Add Apps to the Charms Screen- Go to the Charms screen (click Windows Logo key), and move the cursor near the bottom of the screen. You should notice a small down arrow. Click on this and it will open all the charm apps available. Use Search to find the app you want to add. RIGHT-CLICK the mouse while hovering over the charm app, and select ‘pin to start’. You could also choose ‘pin to taskbar’.
  9. Snap Apps side by side. To Snap Apps means to use two apps side by side. For instance, you can surf with the Internet Explorer, while MS Word is running right next to it. To use this function. click RIGHT-CLICK at the top of the app when the program is open and running, and drag to the left or right of the screen. Click the other program or app to the other side.
  10. Start, Shut Down, Restart Windows. The power button is located in the Charms menu, near the upper right hand of the screen. Its also in the Settings menu (Windows Logo button + I button), and click the power button near the bottom. You can select Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart there.

If you have any questions, post in comments or send me an email.

Gmail Signature Files

What is an email signature file? Its text, links, and sometimes even graphics automatically added to outgoing emails.  Its particularly helpful to add one if you are a business owner or wish to show off your web site.

How to add an email signature file to Gmail:

Note: Many email programs and services provide the signature feature, but methods to set it up may vary.


Go to your Gmail account and sign in. You should see an ‘gear’ icon to the right side of the screen, under your profile picture.

Click the gear icon and select Settings. This is where you can find many tricks you can use with Gmail, including retrieving multiple email POP accounts.

gmailsignature02Now scroll down until you find Signature. This is where you can add text, graphics, links, etc. Don’t get too crazy with it. Bear in mind not all recipients will appreciate having to read your signature file. You can add a tagline, web site link, quote, etc.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Save Changes button.

Now all your emails will include the text, graphic, links you’ve added.

*Please note that graphics must be hosted online and added with a URL (web site address).

If you need help with this, please contact me and I can help.

Pocketmod- free printable


Pocketmod is a neat site that lets you pick and choose ‘pages’ for a printable page you can cut and fold to make a tiny folio or organizer.

You can pick reference pages such as tips table or conversions, or task lists and calendars. You can even pick a custom page to add what you like.

Its free. Uses a single 8 x 11 sheet you print out. Make a single cut, and folder to make a tiny booklet.

How to check on your Internet connection | ZDNet

You might find from time to time, your Internet connection cut out, cuts in and out, or slows down.

There are several things you can try to figure out the issue;

How to check on your Internet connection | ZDNet. Shows you several options, with links to online (free) services to help.

I also suggest keeping technical support numbers readily available near your computer in case you need their help. I even have it on my cell phone.

For our local area of Western Maryland, we have a number of ISPs. Click here for your area and click links to your ISP for contact information.

What are the F1 through F12 keys?


What are the F1 through F12 keys?.

But don’t let this overwhelm you- just learn them one at a day, at your own pace.


Computer Tip: Create your own recipe book

recipebookThere are tons of recipes you can find on the Web to help you figure out what’s for dinner, but did you also know, you can find tons of recipes for recipes to make things from scratch such a mayonnaise or even house cleaner? Why not compile your own recipe book?

I’ve made such things as gifts before by simply getting a 3 ring binder, finding a 3 ring hole punch, and printing out favorite recipes to assemble in the binder for safekeeping.

Some of the best recipe sites:




allrecipesMy favorite is Allrecipes because I can add the nutrition value of the recipes when I print it out.

Simply select the recipe you want, and click Print.

Now you have choices of how it prints including adding your own notes, to omit graphics, and to include nutritional information.

I also add a section to include things like;


Mix Recipes

Homemade cleaners- remember not to eat.

Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List on imgfave


useful web sites

Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List on imgfave.