Word Processors

I recently encounters a client of mine who had issues with her word processor not being able to print. Oddly it had more to do with the printer than the program. MS Works is not the best choice, I’ve found over the years. The main reason is that MS Word can’t even open Works documents, let alone anyone else. This makes it ‘priority’ software.

She couldn’t afford MS Word or Wordperfect, so I installed OpenOffice.org. Not only is the OpenOffice suite free, it includes an easy to use word processor, spreadsheet, and even presentation software.

There are other options as well, including free online word processors. I’ve used a number of them for collaborating with others online and find Google Documents or Zoho.com offer the best out of the list.

Check for yourself: Type and Travel Web Based Word Processors
Google Documents
Buzzword for Adobe includes a word processor with collaboration and chat features.


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