MS Word substitute

MS Word is a high priced word processor preferred by many companies and home PC users. Many people use to write letters, work on budgets, and basically do their work. MS Works is the smaller version that often comes with the PC, however, the program doesn’t work too well with other word processors.
There are alternatives to Word that won’t cost you a thing.
OpenOffice provides a free bundle of programs that includes Writer. Not only does this work with MS Word, it also works with WordPerfect. The layout and features are very much the same, and templates are included via the Internet.
Google Documents I use in addition to word processing as a form of backing up important documents. This online service includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and even form creator. They also provide an offline means to use your documents with the use of Google Gears. provides a huge number of online services including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, web site creator, mail, wiki, invoice, and meeting (just to name a few). Most services are free, and also offer a means to collaborate online with others.

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