When your computer refuses to shut down

It happens from time to time; the computer locks up, also known as ‘screen freeze’ which traps you on a single screen with no means to shut down windows. Fear not, there is a simple solution.

Push the main button on the computer, but hold it down for 5-10 seconds. This often shuts the system down and is known as ‘a cold boot’. If this doesn’t work,  you can simply unplug the computer and replug back in. Its not something you want to do every time, but this will enable you to restart and run some scans.

Another thing computers should note is that many times a simple reboot of the computer fixes many issues. If you can’t get to Windows, try Safe Mode. You restart the computer (cold boot if you have to) and click the F8 button repeatedly. This will enable you to enter into safe mode, where the computer doesn’t load drivers that often cause the issues. 

Once in safe mode, use CleanDisk, Defragmenter, and run your anti-virus software programs. Restart into Windows.

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