What the computer can do for you…

With the number of clients I get that tell me they use the Internet ‘mostly for email’, I find myself shocked to know they are often too afraid to expand the narrow boundaries of electronic mail. They don’t know what’s out there, what programs and web sites are literally at their fingertips. I decided this would make a great blog subject;
I will post entries specific to these and include links then…
Check the local library. Our county library not only offers book but podcast, audio books, ebooks, and even movies through the Internet. I can look up books and have them deliver to our local library only a few blocks from my house.
Order food online. Our local Pizza Hut is now online and I can order, add coupons, and see the time it will take to deliver from the comfort of my home.
Listen to the radio. In the mood for classical or hard rock? Look no further and open a number of web sites for the specific genre, artist, band, or song you want to listen to.
Watch television. Most of the television networks are now online and offer many of their shows with limited commercials. I prefer the 30 second commercial over the 5 minute commercial breaks found on the TV.
Read the paper, or find the local news stations. Get your local news always up to date by visiting the web site. Watch any time, day or night, and pause when you need to.
Look up recipes. Not only can you look up recipes by ingrediant, you can also look up by preparation time, ethnicity, rating (for the very best tasting recipes), and even save them in your profile. Print out on index cards or full page to keep in a binder.
Look up your local grocery store’s flyer for savings. I write out our grocery list based on our local store’s flyer, as well as print out coupons from SmartSource.com. Our store even assembles a printable shopping list if we want it.
Use online maps. Get directions to and from places you can print out. You can find local parks, events, businesses, and other perimeters as well.
Edit photos. Uploading and sharing photos enables people to add touchups and allow comments from friends and family. Many provide links so you can post on the social network sites such as Facebook or Myspace, or email whoever you want directly from the site. Editing includes touchups, resize, crop, and adding special effects.
Setup a personal calendar to keep track of birthdays and appointments. Most online calendars synchronize with MS Outlook or provide a downloadable planner. Settings include alerts you can set on a timer. For instance, I have birthdays alert me two days prior to the event so I can shop for gifts.
Play games. Lots of games can be found on the Internet. I’ve found online versions of Scrabble, Upwards, chess, pool, bowling, puzzle games, and more. Some sites require you to download samples, or a program, while other sites allow free online gaming via the browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
Chat with others. Not only can you chat online with friends and family, many of the messenger programs offer online Voice chat as well. If you get a netcam, you can see one another too. Online chat has as many subjects as you can possibly think of.

I’ll post more as I remember them.


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