The Desktop

The desktop of your computer is the picture, taskbar, and icons you view when the computer starts up. The parts include:

Taskbar- This is the colored bar where you’ll find windows that are open, the clock, programs that have started up, and the Start button.

Icons- You’ll find two types of icons on the desktop. Program icons and shortcut icons. The shortcut icons will have a tiny arrow on them, and they can be deleted without deleting the program. You can create any number of icons to programs, files, or folders and put them where you want. 

Wallpaper- This includes the picture or background on the desktop. You can add any graphic to the desktop including photos or pictures specific for this purpose.Click here for a sample of a desktop wallpaper, and RIGHT CLICK your mouse while hovering over it. A popup menu will show up and select “Set as Desktop Background”.

The Start button takes you to the rest of the programs as well as recently opened files, maintenance programs, and anything else you’d like to view.



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