Washington County Free Library of Western Maryland

Note: Not all libraries will have the same features, so please check with your local libraries to see what they have. 
In Western Maryland, our county library offers some very handy features via their web site. Washington County Library‘s web site is http://www.washcolibrary.org. More specifically, their online catalog can be found oneline at http://ibistro.wash.lib.md.us. Here you can look up books, movies, audio books, and everything else they provide by title, author, or keyword.

You’ll need a library card to ‘place a hold’ on what you’ve selected, and then you can pick which library you wish for them to send your items to. This saves me a trip by allowing me to walk three blocks to my town’s library and pick them up there. In turn, any book from any of their libraries can be placed on hold.

The search function not only allows you to look up by author, title, and keyword, you can also 1) find more by this author, 2) find more on this topic, or (my favorite) 3) find items on shelf. This literally allows me to browse their books virtually through the computer.

I can also renew books that might otherwise be overdue, or check books that are overdue to see how much I owe.

Mango for learning languages. If you have a library card, you can have free, online lessons in Spanish, Porteguese, Greek, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and more.

Internet Public Library-More information at your fingertips!

Our library also now offers movie nights where you can watch a family flick.


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