Joining the IPhone generation

iphone I finally upgraded my cell phone plan, or rather, upgraded my phone and found the IPhone cheaper than I expected. It had everything I needed and so much more from a phone.

I needed a calendar that I type in a QWERTY keypad, that preferably could sync to my Google calendar, and my contact via gmail. I also needed a means to carry documents, such as forms, and my client’s contact information. I also needed a means to get maps and/or GPS.

What I found was exactly what I needed, and tons and tons more.

There are literally thousands of apps (small programs) you can install, and here are just a few;

GPS Tracker- can record your hike/jog route, and keep track of speed and distance for you. This links with the phone’s built in music player as well as the 5 Megapixel camera that’s available.

Grocery IQ not only allows me to make grocery lists, but I can scan items with the phone which will add the item directly on my list. The link to the app.

Allrecipes ‘dinner spinner’ includes a spinner, where you shake your phone and three lines of recipes spin like a slot machine to select recipes for you. The link to the app.– I just downloaded this, and it says it can help me keep track of the buying and selling. This will come in handy when I start selling items again.The link to the app.– I originally signed up with the web site, and the app is a smaller, portable version of the web site that’s connected to your account. The link to the app.– I love this site to form local groups. With the app, I get updates to who is joining which event and any comments left. (The site has a monthly cost for organizers. Its free for users) The link to the app.– This app lets me post quickly and easily with my phone. The link to the app.– The web site offers a vast amount of services, both free and at cost. The app enables me to interact with my documents, spreadsheets, and more from my phone. The link to the app.– The WordPress app lets me blog directly to my blog. I generally prefer LiveWriter with all its bells and whistles, but the app helps with quick posts. The link to the app.

MotionX GPS– ($.99) is one of the most handy apps for those of us who like to keep track of their walking/hiking routes. This app records and tracks your route. It links to the built in music player and the phone’s camera so you can listen to tunes while taking pictures along your journal. Link to the free version of this app.(will not save your route)

I have tons more but these I felt were the basic and most important ones.

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