Tuesday Tip: Desktop Icons

Icons are the graphical representations of a program or file. You can make some fun changes to the icon and here’s a few tips you need to know about them;

ie-icon-shortcutShortcut Icons- These type of icons often have an arrow on them, indicating they are only a shortcut, and not the actual program. You can click and drag a desktop icon to your start men, or click and drag to a folder.

You can change desktop icons.(video) Why change the icon? I personally want a different icon for certain folders to indicate what its that folder. You can also create a theme so icons look like fish on a wallpaper that looks like under-the-sea.

Location of icons; You can add the icon of a program to the desktop, but also to your start menu, and toolbars set on the taskbar. Simply click and drag to that area. Icons in Windows 7, you can also select t ‘pin’ the icon to one of those places.

Personalize your computer to how you want.


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