Mouse, mice, or mouses

MC900431568With the power of ‘point-and-click’, the computer mouse provides the power over your computer.

The basic functions of the mouse includes a number of buttons;

Right-Button– This is an action button used to click, click-and-drag/highlight, and to double click to make things happen. This buttons opens programs, moves files, and can highlight text.

Left Button– A less known button is how the left button opens the pop-up menu. Simply hover your cursor over an icon, your desktop, file, folder, taskbar, or whatever, and when you LEFT click the mouse button, you will get the pop-up menu. This includes a number of functions specific to whatever you hovered over.

The Scroll Button(not all mice have them) Many users know that by moving the scroll button up and down, shifts the opened pages up and down. You can change the settings where you scroll by line or by page.

You will also find the computer mouse is programmable. Go to CONTROL PANEL, select MOUSE, and  check settings to change the cursor, change its behavior, and any other settings specific to the make/model of your mouse.

The typical mouse is easily recognizable, however, you will also find a number of ergonomic styles, as seen here. This one includes a track ball where you use the thumb to navigate the Windows of the computer rather than dragging the mouse hither and yon.

You should also note that even with laptops that often come with touchpads to navigate, you can still plug in a mouse and use that instead.

Feel free to leave comments or questions on the topic of computer mice.


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