Google+ Hangout= free video chat for groups

agoogleMy writer’s group has been using the Google+ Hangout service for the past month to hold online meetings with one another. What’s nice is that we get to see one another, or members can opt to stick with voice or text chat.

You first must sign up with Google+ (free). One you’re a member, anyone wishing to conference must also join. You then start a Hangout, and when doing this, you select which ‘circle’ you wish to invite. This enables members to invite groups such as family or friends, or coworkers, or in my cast ‘writers’ to the hangout.

A window pops up and you can see yourself on video, providing you have a web-enable camera. Most laptops have them now. If you don’t have one, that’s fine, just opt to use a microphone or just type out to your buddies.

I know I sound like a commercial, but finding a service that’s free, provides more than 4 people at a time,(you’re allowed up to 10) and includes video and voice with text chat is tough to find.

Check it out- its free.

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