Losing Weight with Tech

Although using nifty little gadgets, apps, and equipment isn’t necessary to lose weight, I found for myself, it certainly helps.

loseitLoseIT (free) Iphone App I find to the best choice of calorie/exercise tracker out there. The best feature is the built in scanner that scans food items and inserts this into your ‘foods eaten’ list. it calculates the calories and fat for you, and lets you see how many calories you’ve eaten in the day. It also calculates the exercise calories, subtracting from your total sum. It syncs with the LoseIT web site, that you can anyone can use.

MotionX-GPS ($1.99) Iphone/Ipad App includes  features such as tracking your distance, speed, and trail. You also can click within the app for your music and camera, and share this with their site. You can also geocache with this app as well. They have a web site that explains the features.

Gmap Pedometer web site (free) helps you keep track of your walking/running/biking tracks. I used this a number of times, where I mapped out a track around my neighborhood, included my height and weight, and it calculated the calories burned for that track.

Let’s not forget the fun-filled  Kinect, and Wii games out there. Becky Worley explains her own experiments (video) with using games and traditional exercise, and compares the two.

You can join a number of sites that also offer encouragement towards your weight loss and fitness goals;

Sparkpeople.com– provides an online community to help encourage you. You an also earn badges and points, and for the free account, it includes area to track nutrition, weight loss, and fitness goals. This site also includes a recipes area and exercise plans.

Self.com (directed towards women) offers tons of online tools, areas for recipes and exercise, and offers free online exercise/diet plans you can join.

Mensfitnes.com is similar to Self but directed towards men. There’s also a stronger focus to fitness.

Don’t forget that you still need to get yourself out there to exercise, make better food choices, and keep focused on the goal of being healthy!


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