Using Kindle without a Kindle

For those of you interested in getting a Kindle, but can’t afford one, you can still order and read ebooks via Amazon with the help of the (free) Kindle Apps, for IPhone, IPad, Android, and for the computer.

I find, however, some people just can’t get used to the idea of using an ereader when they can easily turn pages in a book. The book with pages also doesn’t require a ‘how to use’ instruction manual- which I found out last week, doesn’t come with one. You use the manual built into the Kindle.

Although the Kindle can store thousands of books on it, you get the added benefit of being able to lend ebooks to others with their Kindles, or you can read your ebook anywhere on a device that has the Kindle App.

The appeal for me is being able to order an ebook and download immediately, at half the cost of a printed book.


You can try the Kindle app for free, and even read free ebooks to see what you think. You can use on Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Mac and PC.

You can then check out this page for free books to read.

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