Trapster app and speed traps

The other week, after attending a homeschool co-op meeting, I discovered a day or two later that I was caught by one of those annoying speed trap cameras. I hate those things. You can’t explain that you’re lost, or turned around in an unfamiliar town- which I was.

trapsterSo I became very paranoid about driving for the rest of the week. Then I found- Trapster! app. It’s a very cool Iphone app that alerts you to speed traps. It even reminds me to slow down in certain areas. Frankly I’d love it if my car would tell me if I was going over the speed limit, because I tend to concentrate on reading street signs and not paying attention to the actual speed.

You can look up the speed traps in your area here.

So you run this thing while you’re driving and a voice will speak up when you reach the general area of a reported speed trap. Mostly, I’m concerned with the cameras.

An interesting thing on the topic of speeding is the concept developed in Swedan of the idea that a camera would snap pictures of drivers both speeding and non-speeding. The speeders pay a fine, where that money goes into a lottery pot, and one of the non-speeders can possibly win money- FOR NOT SPEEDING! Is that an awesome idea or what?

Did I mention how much I love my Iphone? Open-mouthed smile

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