For small business owners: credit card payment services

I got a call today on the topic of services credit card companies like to offer business owners in ways they can use credit cards. Personally, I can’t afford them. I also don’t use them. Most of my customers are local and use cash or checks.

However, for those who would like to offer credit cards payment options, via the web or Iphone, you can find free and affordable methods;

Square for Iphone/Ipad– I have yet to use this, but I did sign up and receive the free card-sliding equipment that attaches on my Iphone. The cost is a percentage for each transaction- no upfront costs as far as I can tell. Its only 2.75%,

Paypal hopes to join the bandwagon to add mobile payments, but for now, you can use email invoicing, or add Paypal buttons to your web site.

Amazon payments and checkout. I was amazed to find the number of people who are already signed up with Amazon in some form or another. Its $.30 per transaction with a % fee depending on how much money is used.  They include a mobile checkout, without the use of a credit card equipment.

Google Checkout– works pretty well with their merchant stores too. They work similar to Amazon, without the mobile checkout. Fees are also very similar.


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