Email signature files

imagesEmail offers so much more than just messaging others.

An email signature is an add on of text, links, and even graphics every time you send an email out.

  • You can add a favorite quote.
  • You can add a graphic such as animated GIF, a smiley, or a photo of yourself.
  • You can add web page links (for marketing purposes or fun).
  • You can add information such as return email address, name, phone number, and other formal business information.

How to set up? This depends on the service or program you use.

Yahoo Email Signature

Gmail Email Signature

Windows Hotmail (or MSN email)

Outlook Email signature

Outlook express, Windows live, Windows Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird email signature file

There are so many others out there as well. Just Google your email program or service, and then add ‘email signature’. You should get results on instructions on how to set this up.

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