Master the art of typing

58757970107871161_N60w8ahg_cMy own handwriting too often needs a Rosetta stone to decipher, but thankfully I have the option of typing my worksheets, handouts, and other documents. I’m also gifted with a 70+ words per minute speed. This didn’t happen overnight; it took practice and patience.

Typing:– free online typing tutorials

A list for 10 typing tutors

Free Word Processers:

OpenOffice– free download of the OpenOffice suites provides you with a free word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database.

Abiword– offers a ‘portable app’ that works on a flash drive, or download free to the computer to use the program.


Google Documents– compatible with Word, Wordperfect, Openoffice, and more. Its free, online, and offers easy collaboration tools.

Windows Live– sign up to use the online MS Word (and other programs) via the site.

Don’t like typing? Consider using the speech to text features available on many versions of the MS Windows OS.

5 text-to-speech Solutions

How to use Speech in Windows XP

Speech to text in Windows 7


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