Computers and storms

We’ve had a number of storms in the area, which lends to the issue of protecting your system during a lightening storm.

You should understand that the surge protector provides some protection but not always. You should also know that its tough to get the manufacture to replace your PC should the surge protector not work. So here is what you do;

  • Check with your home insurance to see if that covers your computer system. Some do, and will replace a burnt out system.
  • Check with your computer’s warrantee on the topic of electrical surges.
  • When you bought your surge protector, it should’ve come with something to fill out. Be sure to fill that out, and keep a copy on file.
  • Back up your files regularly to something not on your system. I suggest a cloud drive or USB flash drive.
  • Be sure to have all computers, peripherals, printers, and so forth plugged into surge protectors and not in a wall socket.

Check out this article on the topic to learn more; Safeguard Your Equipment with a Surge Protector.

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