Use Free instead of pay-for programs

You might like to know that you don’t have to purchase the $100+ programs to do the things you want to do on the computer. Here are some handy (and free) programs to replace the expensive ones;

Instead of MS Office, use Openoffice. This program suite replaces the MS Office programs. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database programs that work with the MS Office files.

Instead of Photoshop, use GIMP. There’s a bit more of a learning curve with GIMP but the program pretty much does the same things for creating and editing graphics, including opening and editing the Photoshop files.

Instead of Nortons or McAfee, use AVG anti-virus software. After my own experiences with the pay-for anti-viruses, I downloaded and installed AVG. Wow. Not only did the software run without hogging up resources like the others did, it worked better for me.

Instead of Poser, use Dazstudio. Want to create and animate 3D models? Poser works great, but Dazstudio does the same thing and its free.

Feel free to post in comments any program you know that’s free and replaces a pay-for software.

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