Frontpage and web site issues

The other day I wanted to update one of my web sites. I maintain a few of them, so using a program like Frontpage comes in handy to open, update, and save all in one spot.

It refused to work, and I got this error;


This was neither helpful or informative. I had no idea if this issue was my host service, or the program itself. So off I go to discover the answer through forums, search pages, and so forth. Oddly, no one seemed to have an answer.

What I finally found after hours of wasted time- Frontpage extensions are tricky and often corruptible. Many hosts provide Frontpage extensions, but with, you have to choose Frontpage or another method to update your web pages. You can’t have both.

I finally decided I would use MS Office Sharepoint Designer 2007. This creates web page similar to Frontpage, and works just fine with This is a free download, works in creating HTML pages, but also CSS and JAVA.

I hope if anyone else has this issue, they find this post helpful.

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