Watching TV on your computer

With the Recession, my family decided to get rid of the cable TV. We didn’t watch much anyway, and I discovered I preferred watching online anyway.


  1. Online TV tends to have fewer commercials, and they’re much shorter than the ones you find on cable.
  2. You can stop the program at any time, and return when you want.
  3. Many TV sites allow members to ‘favorite’ their shows, and you’ll get emails alerting you to when they’re uploaded.
  4. You must watch on your computer, unless you have an Xbox or other console (which needs to be on a network) where you can stream your show through a network.


  1. Your show will often be uploaded the day after its on cable.
  2. Some TV sites have very annoying ads that will run before, during, and after your show, and some even have ads running at the site or on a popup.
  3. Some shows never get uploaded online- unless its been pirated and uploaded illegally.

Some TV sites:

Hulu- I use this one most of all. It includes a free and ‘premium’ membership (that costs $7 per month), and includes commercials that are not very obnoxious. Some shows are a season behind, or not on Hulu at all. Most shows can be just as easily viewed on the network site.

ABC includes shows such as Revenge, Modern Family, and the Bachelorette.

NBC Includes 30 Rock, Fear Factor, Grimm, Kings, and more.

CBS Includes The Big Bang Theory, CSI, How I Met Your Mother, Undercover Boss, and more.

FOX Includes American Dad, Bones, Family Guy, Fringe, and more.

SYFY Includes movies and TV shows, but not all of their episodes are online. Haven, Eureka, Sanctuary and more can be found here.

CW Here you’ll find Supernatural, Ringer, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, and more.

Feel free to list more in comments if you know of them.

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