Computer mouse tips

The computer mouse offers more than just clicking on icons. If you notice, many computer mice have two buttons, with a scroll button, if not more.

The LEFT button provides action, allowing the computer user to click and double click commands to start programs, close programs, and click-and-drag things from one place to another.

The RIGHT button offers a pop-up windows depending on where the mouse cursor is located. If over an icon, you can find properties for that icon as well as other most commonly used commands. If you RIGHT-CLICK on the taskbar, for example, you will find commands to view open windows side by side, and toolbars available.

The SCROLL button is obviously for scrolling but is also a button. You can click down on it to scroll vertically (if the window allows for it), Hold down the CTRL key while browsing the Web, and clicking the + or – keys will enlarge or make smaller the text.

If you go to your computer Control Panel, you can find the properties manager for your mouse. There, you can make changes to settings to the number of lines the mouse scrolls, how fast or slow the cursor reacts to the mouse movements, and more.

Older models of mice used to used a roller ball to move, and this often would collect dirt on the connectors. If you have one of these, you can remove the ball and clean the contacts within. Generally, however, modern computers use optical technology.

You may also find that laptops have the touchpad type ‘mouse’. You can easily plug in an USB computer mouse that can then be used in addition to the touchpad.

With USB, you generally don’t need to do anything but plug the mouse into the port. Software for the make and model, however, often provide more ‘bells and whistles’ for that specific make and model. Otherwise, the mouse will function as a basic Windows computer mouse.

Troubleshooting a mouse is pretty basic. Check the connection, and batteries if your mouse requires them. I find the cordless mice tend to run out of batteries and causes the most problems. If you have a plug, unplug, and replug the mouse into the computer to let it to reconnect. Check your Control Panel and find the MOUSE properties to see if you need to update drivers.

You can easily replace with another mouse.

Clean a trackball mouse.

How does the computer mouse work?

Troubleshoot a computer mouse.


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