Installing a program for PC

Its pretty easy to install programs nowadays, however there are a few settings you should take note during the installation process;

  1. Setup.exe. Most programs are easy to install. You insert the disc, the computer starts up the process. If this doesn’t happen, sometimes you will need to find the setup.exe on the disk. Open the disc in Windows explorer and see if you can find setup.exe, install, or the main application.
  2. Custom versus Advanced. Don’t let the advanced setting scare you. More often than not, its simply going to allow you to make choices, or even allow you to check what the default settings are set. Select Advanced, and you can still select the defaults settings.
  3. Installing one or more program. You often find free programs install more than just the initial program. They also add toolbars and little add-on programs that serves a marketing purpose for them. Its often why the program is free. De-select through the installation process.
  4. Installation location. During a program’s installation, you will be able to view and even choose where you want the program to install. This is also when I see what folders are labeled, so I can find them later.

Remember, too, that you can always cancel an installation if you feel uncertain. Once you get used to advanced settings, however, you can have more control over what is being installed and where.

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