Computer lockup

 On occasion, the computer seems to sit there, now allowing you to do anything. This is when you need to restart, but how can you restart if you can’t click on the Start then Restart button?

Click on the power button and hold down for 5-8 seconds. This will shut the system down in what’s known as a ‘cold boot’. Its not something you should do often, but in cases you can’t do anything else, its useful to know.

Once you restart, the computer might ask to run a scan or start in safe mode. You should run some maintenance programs, just to be sure to correct any issues.

On a side tip, you should change settings of programs so that nothing but Windows and your anti-virus starts up. You can go to Start>All Programs, then select the Startup folder. Delete icons in that folder. It won’t delete the program, but will shut down the programs that are starting up with your system.

How to remove items from the Startup Folder.

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