The Start Page

startpageWhen you click your browser to visit the Internet, you see the Start Page. By definition, this is the first page you visit when connected to the world wide web. While some browsers have a start page by default (generally a search page), you can select a number of start pages.
How to change the start page;
This depends not just the type of browser you use, but also what version. Clink links below to find out to change the start page on each browser.
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
What is a good start page?
I love iGoogle, however, they recently reported how this comes to an end later this year. Now I must search for something similar. I found the following;

Netvibes– From the choices I’ve found, Netvibes provides similar layout and function as IGoogle, including modules, personalization with themes and layout, and you can add ‘pages’ if your start page fills up.

Speeddial2 is a Google Chrome extension that creates a pictorial style start page. You can add any web sites as a graphical ‘button’. You can personalize for size as well as choices for the buttons. provides a start page that connect with tons of other websites such as Facebook and blog sites. It can be personalize, but limited on themes. They offer a consider 4 gigabyte of space for files, which you can earn more easily by using the service, and it integrates nicely with other social sites too.
You can also choose other start pages such as…
MSN Start PagePowered by Microsoft, this start page, once personalized, includes modules, email (hotmail), calendar, news, messaging, and a few other Microsoft related services.
AOL Start Page- Similar to MSN, AOL connect with members who are AOL members. You can sign up without being a member and enjoy the Internet services they provide for free.
MyYahoo Start Page– Like the other sites, Yahoo provides a start page that links with the Yahoo services such as email, calendar, however, the page isn’t as customizable as other start pages. It includes news, Yahoo Service links, trending links, and you can add limited ‘gadgets’.
What do you use now as  your start page? What features/services do you feel are ‘must-haves’ for a start page? Post in comments below.


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