About printing medium

Most people are used to printing to paper, but you can print on other things as well-

Photo paper– If using an inkjet, be careful when picking up as soon as its printed. I made the mistake of putting a sheet on another, and it all stuck together. Let it dry first.

Tissue Paper– You can print on tissue paper, but due to it being so delicate, use a light adhesive to paste to a regular sheet of paper or cardstock. Once printed, carefully peel free. And why print on tissue? See below-

Print on tissue paper and decoupage!

Print on tissue paper and glue to candles

Index Cards- These are perfect for not just recipe cards, but note cards as well. I use them to make password cards I can keep in a recipe box next to my computer. Remember to change printer settings to fit to index cards specific to their size.

Check out these sites for some neat printing projects:

Canon Creative Park- Lots of fun printing here including cards, scrapbook items, paper toys, and more.

HP Creative Studio- Here you can find lots of printing ideas from party supplies to photo gifts.

About.com Printing Ideas Page This page will continue with lots of neat ideas for printing things.






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