Windows 8 Surface RT

I finally purchased a Windows 8 tablet, specifically a Windows Surface RT with keyboard (mine is purple). I wish I got the Windows Surface Pro, being a hundred dollar more but it’s a full function Windows 8 operating system. The RT seems to be a dumbed down version. In other words, you can’t run anything you want. The Surface Pro can.

I looked over iPads, Galaxy, and other tablets, and the Windows 8 won out because of two major things; 1) it includes Microsoft 2013 which I need to master so I can help my clients, and 2) it has Windows 8.0 (free upgrade to 8.1), which I also needed to learn.

I’m not a huge fan of the Windows 8, but since its here, I need to learn how it works. I can give a few tips for the desktop/laptop users (who use a mouse)

– There’s no start menu, but if you put the mouse in the lower left hand corner and right-click the mouse, you will get a menu pop up that includes things like Control Panel, Run, and Search, among others.

– Move the mouse cursor the other corner, and it brings up a panel that includes the Shut down/Restart, Search, Devices, and Start ‘charms’ menu, as well as the calendar and date.

– Using the Windows button the keyboard, or clicking the Windows button on the side panel, will get you the ‘charms’ which is the screen with the tiles. One tile is the Desktop, and you can switch between the two. If you use the Windows key + ‘D, this will also open the Desktop

If you want to learn more, shoot me an email, and I can give more tips.

2 responses to “Windows 8 Surface RT

  1. Welcome to the world of Windows 8 Sharon. I made that transition nearly a year ago… and survived. My first week with W8 can best be described as a full blown temper tantrum! I can now say I almost like it. Note I said almost!

    • I really miss the start menu, but you’re right- given enough time with it, you learn where things are. Switching between the tablet and laptop ends up with me touching the laptop screen. lol Its not touch sensitive

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