Print from iPhone (or any phone)

 My husband wanted to know how to print with his iPhone 3gs. He doesn’t have a data plan, so it works more as an iPod than a phone. I’ve tethered it to the Network at home, but he couldn’t find a printer.

The reason is that the iPhone looks for an ‘airprint’ printer,which we don’t have. Instead, we have an HP all-in-one on the wireless network. The trick is to get the phone to use it as a network not an airprint.

Airprint basics by Apple.

Airprint printer list

I found HP has an app called eprint that lets you print on a network.

HP Eprint on Google Play

HP Eprint on iTunes

Also check out Google eprint printing. They list make/models of printers that have this capability.

Naturally, check with the type of phone/tablet you have, then look up the printer make/model online to see if they include apps or services to print.

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