Tech Tip: Use photos as contact picture on iPhone

With the iPhone, you can select photos to show up on the contact list, and what better photos than the following;

Photos of Christmas Cards– Some of the best photos come from the Christmas cards people send you of their families. You could choose any of the formal photos but why stop there?

Photos of their favorites– Take a photo of something they love. For instance, my photo could just as easily be represented by a jar of Nutella or my cat. Their house, car, or hobby could also work.

Funny photos – One of my favorite ideas found on the Web was having your friends/family press themselves up against a window and take their photo. It ends up looking as though they are trapped in your iPhone.

From their profiles– You can also borrow the photos off online profiles such as Facebook or Google+ by right-click with the mouse, and Save As…

Don’t know how to add photos to your contacts? Check out this link


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