Windows 8 Start Menu

cnetOne of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients with Windows 8 is the lack of start menu on the operating system. That’s right; no start menu. So how to deal with navigating the computer? provides a nice list of Start Menu add-ons that require downloads and installations. Among the choices, StartisBack offers the choice that best resembles the lost start menu. The others, although also start menus, still appear very ‘Window 8 style’.

Stardock ($4.99) also replaces the lost menu pretty well.

Bear in mind that some are not free, like Stardock, while others require you to make changes to your computer you might not like.

Don’t want to bother with installing a menu? Here are some tips to deal with Windows 8:

Desktop keyThe Desktop button– on your keyboard, you will find this button that enables you to switch between the desktop and the charm menu.


Avoid the Charms Menu- start in Desktop mode:

1. Go to the desktop (use that button I mentioned).

2. Right click on the taskbar, select properties

3. Click the Navigation tab.

4. Check the ‘Go to desktop instead of Start to sign in’

Now you will see the desktop instead of the Charms menu.

Add the icons you use most on the desktop. It won’t matter if you have no start menu- your icons will be right there.

I’ll be adding more tips and tricks with Windows 8 in future posts.

If you liked these tips, please share and let others know.


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