Need larger text?


One of the problems I have with some web sites is much too small for them to read. As one who wears bifocals, I found using hotkeys essential to navigating the Web;

Use Hotkeys!

Windows and all programs have keyboard shortcuts, or combinations, you can use to quicken your pace and provide functions to your PC experience.

Try this:

Use the Ctrl button, and click your + key at the same time. Either the number pad or the key next to backspace works the same.

You will see text growing larger each time you click it.

Now try the Ctrl button with the – key, found next to the + or on the number pad, and you can minimize text.

This doesn’t work with word processors, however, so you’ll need to find the Zoom feature.

Ctrl + Shift + <, or > will change the size of the text. This will change formatting, so be careful using this if you intend on sharing the document or printing.

One more tip I wanted to share is the magnifier program included in the Windows Operating system. You can find it;

Windows 7 – Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access, and you will see a program called Magnifier. This is a virtual magnifying glass for the desktop. It can be tricky to navigate, but I use this when I plan on doing a lot of reading.

Windows 8  and Windows 7, maybe earlier versions. Use the Windows button and the + or – buttons. This turns on Magnifier, and adjusts view size. (To close, click on the button on the taskbar, and right click. Choose Close Window).

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