A Phone Tip: If lost, call…

A problem with having any mobile phone is the chance of losing it. Here is a tip I use just in case my phone gets misplaced-

Change the wallpaper of your phone to show “If found, please call 555-555-5555.” This way, someone finds your phone, there’s a number to call- not the cell’s number of course, but a number in which to reach you or a family member/friend to get your phone to you.

How to change iPhone lock screen desktop wallpaper

How to change Samsung (Android) lock screen wallpaper

Change wallpaper for the LG840G phone

Or go to Google, and type in your specific make/model phone and add ‘change wallpaper’.

Some phones may not have this feature.

This obviously doesn’t work with phones that are stolen. I’ll post tips to help with that at a later date.

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