Computer Tip: Create your own recipe book

recipebookThere are tons of recipes you can find on the Web to help you figure out what’s for dinner, but did you also know, you can find tons of recipes for recipes to make things from scratch such a mayonnaise or even house cleaner? Why not compile your own recipe book?

I’ve made such things as gifts before by simply getting a 3 ring binder, finding a 3 ring hole punch, and printing out favorite recipes to assemble in the binder for safekeeping.

Some of the best recipe sites:

allrecipesMy favorite is Allrecipes because I can add the nutrition value of the recipes when I print it out.

Simply select the recipe you want, and click Print.

Now you have choices of how it prints including adding your own notes, to omit graphics, and to include nutritional information.

I also add a section to include things like;


Mix Recipes

Homemade cleaners– remember not to eat.

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