Gmail Signature Files

What is an email signature file? Its text, links, and sometimes even graphics automatically added to outgoing emails.  Its particularly helpful to add one if you are a business owner or wish to show off your web site.

How to add an email signature file to Gmail:

Note: Many email programs and services provide the signature feature, but methods to set it up may vary.


Go to your Gmail account and sign in. You should see an ‘gear’ icon to the right side of the screen, under your profile picture.

Click the gear icon and select Settings. This is where you can find many tricks you can use with Gmail, including retrieving multiple email POP accounts.

gmailsignature02Now scroll down until you find Signature. This is where you can add text, graphics, links, etc. Don’t get too crazy with it. Bear in mind not all recipients will appreciate having to read your signature file. You can add a tagline, web site link, quote, etc.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Save Changes button.

Now all your emails will include the text, graphic, links you’ve added.

*Please note that graphics must be hosted online and added with a URL (web site address).

If you need help with this, please contact me and I can help.

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