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My Top 10 Blog Posts 2014

What happens if you play along with a Microsoft ‘tech support’ scam? (Wired UK)

A quick email scam alert: FedEx

Local Event: Fall Fest in Hagerstown City Park

Online Courses for Free:

Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched – CNET

The USB Hub- an under rated tool

Grammarly on sale


Microsoft Is About To Leave One-Third Of All Computers Vulnerable To Hacking

Buying a tablet? Consider this…


Skimming Devices Found Locally (Frederick, MD)

Local News reports of a bank discovering a ‘skimming device’ found at a bank in Frederick MD.

So what’s a skimming devices? Here’s a report from ABC news that explains skimming:

Be prepared, and bear in mind that credit cards still provide protection against fraud.



Ballotpedia. This could be very useful for those not informed on the issues. Look up by state, and find the ballots and who to vote for.


Local Link: Washington County Free Library


Washington County Free Library offers tons of services for the computer user, or even those who prefer Android, iPhones, or tablets like iPad or Windows 8 tablets.

  • Look up books in the card catalog, and put a ‘hold’ on the titles you want. You can select where you want to pick them up. This came in handy for avoiding trips to Hagerstown, when I could just pick them up at the local library in my town.
  • Borrow books for Kindle. And you don’t need a Kindle, but the Kindle App (free) for computers (tablet or phones), and read on them. You need the Kindle app and Overdrive, but check out this page for more information. Still confused? The library has people who will help you every step of the way.
  • Computer classes (free). You can learn through a number of classes in a classroom setting. They teach Windows 7 (I can show you Windows 8 or pervious versions as well. Including how to use phones, tablets, and other technology)
  • Book Clubs! You can join the Mystery, Romance, Faces of the Civil War, or Online book clubs.
  • Search for a job. Use their computers in the library, or simply use their links provided to find work locally.
  • Lots of events. This includes movie nights, story time, speakers, teen activities, parties, and more.

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