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New Service: Quick Response Code

A Quick Response Code works great for the small business user. You can add to your business card, letterhead, email signature file, web sites, social media sites, and even post a sign on your office.

Check out the new QR Code page at our web site. You can download a free QR scanner for your smart phone or order a code for your business for only $10.00.


Low cost and free software for Startups, Charles Town WV


I’ll be speaking at this event for small business owners, on the topic of low cost and free software, and services.

Local Event: Fall Fest in Hagerstown City Park

This is a local event in Hagerstown City Park, mixing art appreciation with the season. Check out the video.


For Local Business Start Ups is a small business owner’s friend and helper. Not only do they offer workshops (for free), they also provide mentoring on a number of aspects such as marketing or startups.

I’ve attended the monthly meetings with various topics being discussed, and highly recommend this helpful group. They also have free templates and tools via their site. You will need to register to attend.

They have an upcoming small business workshop for start ups, which is free. Check it out here.



Ballotpedia. This could be very useful for those not informed on the issues. Look up by state, and find the ballots and who to vote for.