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Pocketmod- free printable


Pocketmod is a neat site that lets you pick and choose ‘pages’ for a printable page you can cut and fold to make a tiny folio or organizer.

You can pick reference pages such as tips table or conversions, or task lists and calendars. You can even pick a custom page to add what you like.

Its free. Uses a single 8 x 11 sheet you print out. Make a single cut, and folder to make a tiny booklet.


Computer Tip: Create your own recipe book

recipebookThere are tons of recipes you can find on the Web to help you figure out what’s for dinner, but did you also know, you can find tons of recipes for recipes to make things from scratch such a mayonnaise or even house cleaner? Why not compile your own recipe book?

I’ve made such things as gifts before by simply getting a 3 ring binder, finding a 3 ring hole punch, and printing out favorite recipes to assemble in the binder for safekeeping.

Some of the best recipe sites:

allrecipesMy favorite is Allrecipes because I can add the nutrition value of the recipes when I print it out.

Simply select the recipe you want, and click Print.

Now you have choices of how it prints including adding your own notes, to omit graphics, and to include nutritional information.

I also add a section to include things like;


Mix Recipes

Homemade cleaners– remember not to eat.

22 New Ways To Use Your Printer

Your printer can be a useful tool, and not just for printing letters and documents. Check it out- 22 New Ways To Use Your Printer.

Some things I like to print;

– Weekly schedules to organize my productivity

– Labels (use double sided sticky tape to adhere)

– Cards and card embellishments

– Business forms

Print from iPhone (or any phone)

 My husband wanted to know how to print with his iPhone 3gs. He doesn’t have a data plan, so it works more as an iPod than a phone. I’ve tethered it to the Network at home, but he couldn’t find a printer.

The reason is that the iPhone looks for an ‘airprint’ printer,which we don’t have. Instead, we have an HP all-in-one on the wireless network. The trick is to get the phone to use it as a network not an airprint.

Airprint basics by Apple.

Airprint printer list

I found HP has an app called eprint that lets you print on a network.

HP Eprint on Google Play

HP Eprint on iTunes

Also check out Google eprint printing. They list make/models of printers that have this capability.

Naturally, check with the type of phone/tablet you have, then look up the printer make/model online to see if they include apps or services to print.

About printing medium

Most people are used to printing to paper, but you can print on other things as well-

Photo paper– If using an inkjet, be careful when picking up as soon as its printed. I made the mistake of putting a sheet on another, and it all stuck together. Let it dry first.

Tissue Paper– You can print on tissue paper, but due to it being so delicate, use a light adhesive to paste to a regular sheet of paper or cardstock. Once printed, carefully peel free. And why print on tissue? See below-

Print on tissue paper and decoupage!

Print on tissue paper and glue to candles

Index Cards- These are perfect for not just recipe cards, but note cards as well. I use them to make password cards I can keep in a recipe box next to my computer. Remember to change printer settings to fit to index cards specific to their size.

Check out these sites for some neat printing projects:

Canon Creative Park- Lots of fun printing here including cards, scrapbook items, paper toys, and more.

HP Creative Studio- Here you can find lots of printing ideas from party supplies to photo gifts. Printing Ideas Page This page will continue with lots of neat ideas for printing things.