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New Service: Quick Response Code

A Quick Response Code works great for the small business user. You can add to your business card, letterhead, email signature file, web sites, social media sites, and even post a sign on your office.

Check out the new QR Code page at our web site. You can download a free QR scanner for your smart phone or order a code for your business for only $10.00.


Want to know your Internet Speed?

Ever wanted to know the speed of your Internet? Since our local cable company made changes to their service (charging according to a tier), I wanted to check for myself the speed of their service.

Check it out:

Test your Internet connection speed at

Vinyl lettering for cars

For local viewers of the Western Maryland area, you might see me driving around with my web site address on the back of my car.

Using vinyl lettering works better than the magnets. I’ve had car magnets stolen, off my car, twice. The vinyl, I feel, looks better and since I have a die-cut machine, I can make as many as I need.

If interested in having something made for your car, contact me. Most graphics I can create out of white or black vinyl up to 8×11, 8×22, or smaller.