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How to open a CD/DVD with a paper clip

There are occasions that the CD/DVD drive of a computer refuses to open with conventional methods. You can open with the button available on the drive, but you can also try opening through the computer by going to My Computer, right-click on the CD/DVD drive and then select EJECT. If this doesn’t work, you need to open it manually.

Get a paper clip and straighten it out. Poke the one end in the teeny tiny hole on the drive. Its location will vary depending on the make/model of the drive.

Here is a video that shows you how its done;


Introduction to the iPhone 4S Smart Phone

An introduction to the iPhone 4S (IO8) and some hidden features to help you.


Learnthepc Video- Intro do the Internet Explorer Browser

Clutterdiet: 7 Ways to Tame Your Email

clutterdietClutterdiet is a very handy web site and Youtube channel that provide useful information on cluttering and organizing. She covers mostly things for home and business, she also offers some computer-related topics such as this one.

Email can be overwhelming with the amount of Spam (junk email) and advertising. Unsubscribe or send to your SPAM folder (this will vary how to do this depending on your email service). Use folders to sort your saved emails.


Beware the Internet Explorer security bug – CNET

Beware the Internet Explorer security bugA security flaw in Microsoft’s Web browser makes it possible for hackers to hijack computers, AOL warns users to change passwords after a cyberattack, and Skype stops charging for group video Bridget Carey @BridgetCarey April 28, 2014 1:43 PM PDTcomments2facebook33 twitter214 linkedin2 googleplus moremore + In today’s tech-news roundup, learn about the Internet Explorer security vulnerability and how a hacker can use the flaw to take over your computer. It’s best to just use another browser until Microsoft can patch the problem. Even the US government is advising people to stop using IE until the bug is fixed. But if you can’t switch browsers, you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash to avoid infection.

via Beware the Internet Explorer security bug – CNET.