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Need a last minute Valentine card?

You can find a number of free printable Valentine’s Day cards on the Internet, but I made a design that includes a matching envelope.


Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love;

  • Take a walk in a park. Even in cold weather, you can enjoy the scenery and the presence of your loved one.
  • Dinner- Make a special dinner or go out to a restaurant. You can also start a tradition of making a favorite meal for this holiday.
  • Share a bottle of wine or sparkling cider.
  • Make love coupons to be used in the coming weeks. Here is a printable love coupon file.
  • Give/share a massage. You can also use the special scented oils, but baby oil works fine too. How to give a massage.

For those who do not have anyone to celebrate, take the day to love yourself or enjoy time with single friends to celebrate love of yourself.

  • Take a bubble bath. DIY Bath Homemade Bubble Bath.
  • Buy yourself chocolate, wine, or other gift to appreciate who you are.
  • Buy yourself flowers or a single rose to remind you that you are a lovely person.
  • Have a singles party with friends who are also single.
  • Watch a movie by yourself or with other single friends.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!


Pocketmod- free printable


Pocketmod is a neat site that lets you pick and choose ‘pages’ for a printable page you can cut and fold to make a tiny folio or organizer.

You can pick reference pages such as tips table or conversions, or task lists and calendars. You can even pick a custom page to add what you like.

Its free. Uses a single 8 x 11 sheet you print out. Make a single cut, and folder to make a tiny booklet.

Computer Tip: Create your own recipe book

recipebookThere are tons of recipes you can find on the Web to help you figure out what’s for dinner, but did you also know, you can find tons of recipes for recipes to make things from scratch such a mayonnaise or even house cleaner? Why not compile your own recipe book?

I’ve made such things as gifts before by simply getting a 3 ring binder, finding a 3 ring hole punch, and printing out favorite recipes to assemble in the binder for safekeeping.

Some of the best recipe sites:




allrecipesMy favorite is Allrecipes because I can add the nutrition value of the recipes when I print it out.

Simply select the recipe you want, and click Print.

Now you have choices of how it prints including adding your own notes, to omit graphics, and to include nutritional information.

I also add a section to include things like;


Mix Recipes

Homemade cleaners– remember not to eat.