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Christmas/Holiday Wish list help

XmasBallsShopping has never been so easy as to order gifts from the Web. You can find tons of deals, after compiling wish lists, and even have items sent directly to the intended. I know some stores even include wrapping.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist not only allows you to compile your wish list, but you can create more than one. I have wish lists for my husband, son, and lists entitled ‘high end wants’ and ‘books’. Or get a gift card– the all purpose gift.

wishlistNot a fan of Amazon? Try Wishlist.com to compile your list. Use on the site, via your smartphone, or add a wishlist extension button to your browser.  This service lets you add anything from anywhere, and you can share with friends and family.

Don’t over-estimate our local shops and stores. You help support our local economy, and the small business owner by checking out the Christmas sales.

I will be adding more holiday themed posts in the passing days until Christmas.

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