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Free versions of software

Did you know there are many free versions of software out there that can replace costly programs? Just bear in mind that some don’t offer the same features, or in some cases are not as intuitive to learn as others. They are free, however, so download and try them out. I even use both paid versions and free versions depending on the features I like. provides some comparisons

free version

Other sites to consider (and bookmark):

ninite– lots of downloads to choose from, many of which are ‘must-have’ software like antivirus and security, to video/photo editors, to other useful programs.


Word Processing: 10 Cool Keyboard Tricks


While editing a manuscript, I found a need to make the process faster with the use of hotkey (keyboard shortcuts), wildcards, and some keyboard tricks to get things done.

These work only in MS Word.

Doing this

Does this

Pressing the dash key 3x will create a horizontal line in your document

== =

Pressing the equal key 3x creates a double line in your document

Ctrl   H

Opens the Find/Replace feature.

Ctrl  E

Aligns text and graphics to center


Type this in your document creates random text if you ever need to add random text.



Using Find/Replace, put ^p^p in Find and ^p and this removes manual spaces between paragraphs

Ctrl  SHIFT  m

Inserts a comment where you put your cursor in the document.


Pressing these two keys open the built in Thesaurus. You can often find synonyms by RIGHT-CLICKING over a word. You will choices of words to use.


The mouse

Clicking a word twice will highlight the word. Click three times, and you select the entire paragraph.


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Upgrade to Windows 10?

I’ve been getting a number of people asking me about Windows 10. I’m signed up for the upgrade, which is a free upgrade for those who have Windows 7 or Windows 8. Here is a video by Digital Trends that explains the Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade;

New Service: Quick Response Code

A Quick Response Code works great for the small business user. You can add to your business card, letterhead, email signature file, web sites, social media sites, and even post a sign on your office.

Check out the new QR Code page at our web site. You can download a free QR scanner for your smart phone or order a code for your business for only $10.00.

Clutterdiet: 7 Ways to Tame Your Email

clutterdietClutterdiet is a very handy web site and Youtube channel that provide useful information on cluttering and organizing. She covers mostly things for home and business, she also offers some computer-related topics such as this one.

Email can be overwhelming with the amount of Spam (junk email) and advertising. Unsubscribe or send to your SPAM folder (this will vary how to do this depending on your email service). Use folders to sort your saved emails.