New Service: Quick Response Code

A Quick Response Code works great for the small business user. You can add to your business card, letterhead, email signature file, web sites, social media sites, and even post a sign on your office.

Check out the new QR Code page at our web site. You can download a free QR scanner for your smart phone or order a code for your business for only $10.00.

What do the F1-F12 keys do?


Ever wondered about the F1-F12 keys? Here’s what they do:

F1   I like to think of this as the ‘panic button’. It opens the help menu to anything that is open. If nothing is open, F1 opens your operating system help menu. The Windows button + F1 opens the help menu as well.

F2   Highlight the file or folder and click this button, and you can rename it. If you’re in MS Word, click Ctrl + F2 and you get print preview.

F3   Opens a ‘find’ feature in many programs that you want to look up text. This includes browsers and word processors. In MS Word, SHIFT + F3 changes the first letter of a word lower or upper case.

F4   This opens the address bar in Windows and Internet Explorer. Alt + F4 also closes the window/program that is open.

F5   This button refreshes a browser window. (Reloads). This also open the Find/Replace and Go To window in MS Word. F5 also starts a slideshow in Powerpoint.

F6   This button moves the cursor to the address bar in Internet Explorer. This works in other browsers as well.

F7   This button opens the spellcheck function in MS Word. In some laptops it increases volume.

F8   This important key is often used during computer start ups to start in Safe Mode. When the computer is starting, tap the F8 key. It should prompt you to enter Safe Mode.

F9   This button refreshes a MS Word document.

F10   This buttons activates the menu bar in open applications. Also used to enter CMOS Setup.

F11   This button enables you to enter and exit full screen mode of browsers.

F12   This button opens the debug function in browsers, and opens the Save window in MS Word.

There are other functions these keys can do, even on Macs. Some laptops use the F function keys for specific things like entering a partitions or startup features. It depends on the make/model.

Low cost and free software for Startups, Charles Town WV


I’ll be speaking at this event for small business owners, on the topic of low cost and free software, and services.

Want to know your Internet Speed?

Ever wanted to know the speed of your Internet? Since our local cable company made changes to their service (charging according to a tier), I wanted to check for myself the speed of their service.

Check it out:

Test your Internet connection speed at

8 Cool Alternate Uses for an Android Smart Phone

Some of these methods could potentially be done with any smart phone.